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The nursing services at Nord-Aski Family Health Team allow for easy, quick, and personalized access to primary health care.


Minor Procedures and Infections

Ear irrigation, removal of sutures and staples, tuberculosis test, wart treatment, intramuscular or subcutaneous drug injection, assessment for throat or bladder infection, pregnancy test…

Well-baby and Well-child

The well-baby and well-child program is a comprehensive assessment of infants up to preschool age. This periodic assessment includes a complete physical examination, child development verification, and immunization according to the publicly funded immunization schedule in Ontario.


Cervical Cancer Screening

Using the procedure of a Pap test, cervical cancer screening is recommended every 3 years for all women from the age of 25 to 69 years old who have ever been sexually active. Screening for sexually transmitted infections can also be performed is necessary.


With the use of a digital camera and a secure web browser, an image of the infected skin area and the medical history are electronically sent to a dermatologist for diagnostic and treatment. To use this service, a referral from a physician or nurse practitioner is required.



Our nurses can administer immunization free of charge according to the publicly funded immunization schedule in Ontario.

Home and Community Care

In 2019, through a service agreement with the North East Local Health Integration Network, Nord-Aski Family Health Team became a Service Provider for their Home and Community Care Branch.


We now have a team of dedicated Personal Support Workers who provide home care services to our most vulnerable patients in the communities we serve.


Blood anticoagulation (INR)

Patients who are prescribed Coumadin (Warfarin), whose goal is to slow blood clotting, can use our anticoagulation program (INR). To do so, a referral from a physician or nurse practitioner, accompanied by two therapeutic INR results, are required.

Once the previous procedure is complete, an education session is offered at the first meeting to explain the use, side effects, and interactions associated with Coumadin. The program consists of revising the INR results and adjusting the Coumadin dosage, depending on the results, using an algorithm.

**IMPORTANT**  Individuals taking Coumadin are required to inform our nurses of any changes in their daily routine and health status. Whether it’s an upcoming procedure or surgery, a change in medication or diet, an admission to hospital, a new health condition, etc. All of these factors can influence the dosage of Coumadin.


North-Cochrane Health Link

A health link consists of bringing together all health care providers needed to coordinate and improve the delivery of care for patients with complex chronic diseases. With this in mind, patients enrolled in the program receive a coordinated care plan based on their respective needs.

Hospital discharge planning

Putting in place the necessary measures for a safe return home after a hospital stay.


Some of the information found on this page comes from the following sources: Immunize Canada, OTNhub, the Government of Ontario, the Government of Canada.


“The objectives of immunization programs are to prevent, to control, to eliminate or to eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases by directly protecting vaccine recipients and indirectly protecting vulnerable individuals who may not respond to vaccines or for whom vaccines may be contraindicated."

Canadian Immunization Guide



Easy, quick, and personalized access to primary health care to maintain good health.


Personalized support from our dietitian to optimize health


Access primary health care that is culturally sensitive and respectful of traditions.


Support for those living with difficult situations that negatively impact their well-being. 

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