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Our mental health services aim to bring temporary support to those 16 years and older, living with difficult situations or battling emotional troubles that negatively impact their well-being. Priority is given to prevention, education sessions, and group interventions.

Please note that all sessions are confidential.

Mental Health

Mental Health Counselling

Our social workers offer individual therapy services. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), solution-focused brief therapy, psychoeducational and mindfulness are the most commonly used approaches at NAFHT. We also have access to psychiatric services at the request of the doctor and the social worker.

Healthy Lifestyle Groups


Mindfulness Group – This group of six sessions was developed to improve the well-being of individuals. The sessions aim to educate participants on the concepts of mindfulness. In addition, during these sessions, participants learn different meditation techniques. The practice of mindfulness can be beneficial to any individual. It is especially recommended for people who suffer from symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders, and physical illness.


Mindfulness Group for Chronic Pain – This group is offered by teleconference through the Sudbury East Community Health Center.  During the 13 sessions, participants learn the principles of mindfulness meditation to better control the physical pain experienced. The meditation techniques offered help to reduce not only the intensity of the pain, but also the emotional difficulties.

Mindfulness Walk - By signing up for a mindfulness walk, you are invited to become aware of your surroundings while being attentive to your every step as well as your breathing. Along the way, a guide will offer you some mindfulness activities that may sharpen your 5 senses to a whole new level. Please note that mindfulness walks can be done alone or in a group, in nature or in the city.


Chronic Pain Self-Management Group – This group of seven sessions will allow you to acquire new strategies to better manage the pain experienced. In addition, this support group will help you reduce isolation and use problem-solving techniques. You will also have the opportunity to learn several strategies to manage your pain. These sessions will allow you to help others by sharing your experiences, develop a support network and discover new resources that could be beneficial to you.


Grief Support Group – This group of seven sessions offers support to facilitate the grieving process of anyone who has lost a loved one recently or in the past. Different themes and exercises dealing with the grieving process are presented during the sessions in order to encourage sharing and to facilitate the participants’ journey.


Sleep Education Workshops – Sleep education workshops are offered to participants suffering from insomnia. Insomnia means not getting enough sleep or not getting good sleep for different reasons. Research shows that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is more effective than sleeping pills for insomnia. These workshops show you how to overcome your insomnia using CBT.

Forest Bathing – Inspired by the Japanese movement of "Shinrin Yoku", the practice of Forest Bathing encourages the individual to discover the positive effects that forest and nature have on our wellness, our mood and our cognition. During Forest Bathing sessions, the forest is the Health Provider, the guide simply opens the doors. Forest Bathing as a natural wellness therapy is now available in many countries in the world. 


4 Elements Walk A mindfulness walk using the 4 elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Wind).  Included in this walk are teachings and exercises to possibly help the mind, body and spirit discover its balance and path.

Luminotherapy - Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that is related to the change of seasons. SAD normally begins and ends at the same time each year. It can be explained by the lack of natural light during winter. People using luminotherapy can see a difference in their mood very quickly, usually within a week. Recommendations call for a trial period of four weeks before coming to a conclusion.



Easy, quick, and personalized access to primary health care to maintain good health.


Personalized support from our dietitian to optimize health


Access primary health care that is culturally sensitive and respectful of traditions.


Support for those living with difficult situations that negatively impact their well-being. 

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